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Advanced Budgeting & Cost Management: Estimating, Budgeting and Cost Control


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Finance & Budgeting One Week Training

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This seminar provides participants with key cost awareness and budgetary skills, which are essential for managing and controlling resources in times of increasing global competition where the budgets are inextricably linked with both the achievement of strategic objectives as well as with evaluation of future plans and initiatives. In particular, this seminar enables participants to:
  •        Discuss about modern system of cost analysis for budgeting purposes
  •        Explore the best practices required to manage the multiple organizational performances
  •        Link budgeting and costing with strategy execution
  •        Understand the critical factors which have an impact on business processes
  •        Master the budgeting and financial skills required for better decision-making
  •        Identify sources of financial and operational data to support the budgeting process
  • Finance Accountants & Controllers
  • Cost Accountants
  • State Accountants
  • Budget Managers,
  • Forecasting Analyst
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Management Accountants
  • Financial Directors & managers
  • Group Finance Managers
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Management Systems
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