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Overview These days, social media marketing is far from a new discipline. Yet many organisations are still struggling to extract value from well-established social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. This advanced workshop helps marketing professionals move beyond the simplistic race for ‘likes’, fans and one-off engagement, by laying a more concrete, strategically-grounded foundation for their social media programmes. Outcomes
  • Developing social media activities and campaigns that engage audiences
  • Listening to conversations, tapping into key trends and topical subjects
  • Defining and targeting key audiences, influencers, opinion formers and interest communities
  • Finding the best angles and language to hook people and build engagement
  • Uploading and publicising really engaging stories, creating conversations, driving word of mouth
  • Responding to comments and feedback in a way that positively builds relationships
Target Audience
  • Professionals who use social media for business and wish to improve their performance as well as understanding of the latest techniques.
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