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The Practical Approach to Meeting and Minute Taking Skills NQF L4 – 2 Day


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This course is accredited with the Services Seta, aligns to unit standard 242816 at NQF level 4, 5 credits Course Aims Successful meetings provide an essential forum for planning, debating, providing information, briefing and decision-making. Unfortunately, they are treated too casually and are often poorly prepared and managed, leading to the loss of valuable time and failure in satisfying their objectives. They are critical to the organisation because they become the official written record of the meetings. In the end, they are the only objective, verifiable record of what occurred. What Will You Gain From This Course?
  • An awareness of the different types of meetings
  • Identify the different roles in a meeting
  • Familiarise yourself with different formats for taking minutes of meetings
  • Practise taking minutes of meetings
  • Set up a meeting including the production of the agenda
  • Be able to write notes and minutes in an appropriate format for a given meeting
  • Learn what the responsibilities of the different roles in meetings are
  • Preparing for the meeting; logistics that must be taken into consideration
  • Know how to build rapport and trust, establish your credibility and psychological contracts with the members of the meeting
  • Learn to develop interpersonal skills to keep control of the meeting and disarm disruptive participants
  • Structure discussions to build group consensus and gain a clear decision on each specific agenda item
  • Identify what can go wrong in meetings and know what action to take to ensure participants keep focused on the task
  • Learn to confront and overcome difficult situations and handle difficult meeting participants
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