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Strategic Thinking in Organisational Change Management


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About the Course Leading change in a modern organisation requires an understanding of the complex terrain of organisational dynamics as an emergent property.  People, their networks, the intense global economy and technology all play a role, for example, but by its nature, it is not possible to tie any of these down and interact with them individually and ensure success.  It is more about the “and” than it is about the “or”. Embracing the reality of frequent redesigning of the constituent business structures open up the possibility that the organisation as a system will be able to self-regulate and adapt to the changing environment through the innovation that will come from the individuals and the groups that make up the coalitions of expertise and power, to name but a few aspects. Programme Outcomes
  • Leaders and managers will learn the importance of making a mental shift from systems thinking towards systemic organisational intelligence in order to stay relevant in a dynamic and changing economic environment.
  • Frameworks will be presented for managers and leaders to understand how artificial intelligence and the human element are informed through systems intelligence and change management.
  • Get to grips with innovation and disruption, and at the same time prepare for future uncertainties
  • Systemic leadership and managerial intelligence frameworks will be presented to aid leadership in managing and engaging with diverse people toward ecological change and organisational productivity
  • Better clarity of purpose for managers at all levels and their teams, resulting in greater self-motivation, stronger cohesiveness, sharper focus and consistently better results
  • More strategic outlook that translates to more productive and effective actions leading to more sustainable results in the long term
  • To understand the systemic value of the witness and the silent witness role to engage consistently with people who are essentially the organisations most important asset.
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