Revised Mining Social & Labour Planning – 3 Day

Revised Mining Social & Labour Planning (Mining Charter Updates)

Our two (3) day workshop will focus on how mining companies can align their commitments to their employees and communities, strategies to ensure transformation and that will meet commitments to giving the communities what was promised.

Mining companies need to align Social and Labour Plan Commitments with municipal Integrated Development Plans and find the right monitoring and reporting processes for effectively managing their Social Labour Plan. Delegates will also benefit from other industry peers by sharing specific challenges and pitfalls during the day’s open-forum workshop environment.

The local mining industry is increasingly pressured to develop and implement a Social and Labour Plan (SLP) to sustain and promote employment, the advancement of employees as well as the socio-economic development in their communities, in order to prevent or lessen the negative social impacts of mining. However many media outlets are reporting a reality which is very different with numerous cases of communities in outrage over broken promises and stakeholders seeing very little transformation within the industry.

Target Audience

SLP Managers/ Co-Ordinators, HR Managers,

LED/CSI Managers, Procurement Managers and Mine Management Personnel Who…

  • Require clarification on what should be reported on, in what format and how it will be evaluated;
  • Are unclear what executive management role is in the process, as well as mine-level contributors.
  • Are responsible for the implementation and management of various elements of the SLP or Mining Charter
  • Are under pressure to report internally or to DMR on their mining right and/or SLP compliance and progress;
  • Are pressurized to manage their mining right commitments and SLP implementation and/or reporting processes.
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11 Jun 2019 - 13 Jun 2019


8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Bernalet Ncube
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