Mining Tax and Strategy

About the Course
The treatment of tax at various stages of the mine life cycle is vastly different. There can be a change in control of the mine product, changes in who is conducting the mining and even changes in ownership of the mine. The day to day decisions taken on mines and in meeting rooms also influence the direction taken in respect of tax obligation. Across different commodities and in different parts of South Africa exploration and mining companies try to develop a response to managing their tax liabilities. The strategies vary so the results vary.

Almost 50% of a mining company’s tax is linked to income tax, with a further ±30% of the taxes that mines pay being unique to that sector only. Government uses tax to raise revenue and direct company behaviour. In the short term government can secure high tax revenues from mining companies already present within SA, but stall their growth and discourage further investment from companies wanting to start up.


  • Accountants
  • Creditors
  • Financial directors
  • Financial managers
  • Directors and managers in the mines,
  • Legal managers of mines
  • Anyone dealing with mining tax

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